It's absolutely NOT worth it. While I'll admit, there seem to be crap tons of s2ks out there with salvage titles, there are still plenty with clean titles as well. My good friend got an '06 with 70k miles on it 2 years ago for less than the price of this car. Yeah, it has a few more miles...but a few miles don't… » 7/27/14 3:25pm Sunday 3:25pm

Maybe I'm just old fashioned, but when I ride a motorcycle, one of my favorite aspects of the whole experience is NOT being so connected to everything. I don't want to talk on the phone, I don't want a GPS telling me where to go, and I don't want to listen to music. I want to focus on riding and riding alone,… » 7/22/14 5:02pm 7/22/14 5:02pm